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The 10 steepest discounts on smart home security cameras this Prime Day

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The Amazon Prime Day 2022 sales event is upon us, running from July 12 through July 13, and smart home security cameras are some of the most popular devices that get discounted.

There’s a wide range of smart home security cameras out there. Some are affordable and simple, others are expensive on account of their premium features, like sharp 4K resolution and enhanced motion sensing.

Most smart home security cameras do the basics without subscribing to optional service plans but to get the most out of your cameras, service plans are well recommended.

Below are the best smart home security camera deals we’ve seen so far, including huge deals on the Google Nest, Amazon Blink, and the line of cameras from Arlo. Check back to this page often as we’ll be updating it with new deals as we find the. 

Best Prime Day smart home security cameras deals

Prime Day smart home security camera FAQs

Is Prime Day the best time to buy a smart home security camera?

Amazon’s Prime Day is one of the best sales events to buy a smart home security system. The Prime Day sales event comes with discounts on a huge number of products, smart home security cameras being some of the products that are discounted.  

Not only are smart home security cameras discounted on Amazon for Prime Day 2022, but they’re also discounted by the online retailer’s competitors. For smart home security cameras, Best Buy is the first place we’d look for additional smart home security camera deals during Prime Day 2022. 

Other good times of the year to get discounts on smart home security cameras include Black Friday or Cyber Monday, which take place in November immediately after Thanksgiving.

Which smart home security camera should I buy?

To figure out which smart home security camera you should buy, consider the following:

  • How many rooms or areas do you want to monitor? This decides how many cameras you should buy.
  • Do you want to monitor outdoor areas? This decides whether you should get weather-proof models. 
  • Do you want wireless smart home security cameras? Or wired? This applies to whether you want cameras outdoors, but it also applies to convenience indoors, too. Wireless cameras give you more freedom for placement, as you don’t have to place the camera near a power outlet. Plus, no wires mean less clutter. Just note that wireless smart home security cameras run on batteries that need to be charged, usually every few months. 
  • Check out the subscription plans for each platform. Most home security cameras have simple functionality without a subscription plan, but you’ll get the most out of your system with a subscription plan, like saved videos and enhanced motion sensing. Check what you get with and without a subscription plan, as well as the cost of the subscription plans. 
  • Check out the best smart home cameras we’ve tested and recommend. 

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