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Scholz and Macron’s missions — Le Pen 2.0 — MEP David McAllister

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Macron in Moscow, Scholz in Washington: How did the French and German leaders do in their diplomatic missions in the midst of the Ukraine crisis? We also get the European Parliament’s perspective on the crisis from David McAllister, chair of the foreign affairs committee.

POLITICO’s Andrew Gray and Matthew Karnitschnig unpack Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s trip to Washington and debate whether he did enough to convince allies that Germany will be in lockstep with them if Russia launches a new attack on Ukraine. And POLITICO’s Clea Caulcutt cuts through the noise around French President Emmanuel Macron’s marathon talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Clea also shares her latest reporting on the presidential election in France, having attended a campaign rally of far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, who’s aiming for a second shot at defeating Macron in a run-off vote.

David McAllister, chair of the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee, is our special guest. The German Christian Democrat shares his impressions from a recent trip to Ukraine by a delegation of MEPs. He also sets out how he thinks the EU, and its Parliament, should respond to the crisis.

McAllister kicks off our weekly round of recommendations for listeners with some sporting inspiration. Clea recommends a book chronicling Macron’s presidency. Matt suggests a gritty gangster drama on Netflix. And Andrew recommends comfort viewing with a crafty BBC series that’s been described as the best thing on British television and is also something of a tear-jerker.

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