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Nisha Persaud’s side hustle is creating at-home manicure boxes that are beloved by celebs and have been featured in luxury campaigns

Danisha “Nisha” Persaud.

Danisha “Nisha” Persaud

  • Danisha “Nisha” Persaud’s side hustle is creating at-home manicure kits. 
  • She started the business during the pandemic and has already received celebrity attention.
  • This is part of Insider’s entrepreneur series “Star, Rising,” which highlights early entrepreneurs.

Name: Danisha “Nisha” Persaud

Age: 28

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey 

Business: A company called The Clawset, which makes at-home luxury press-on-manicure kits. 

Background: When the pandemic hit, Persaud couldn’t go out to get her nails done anymore. So she created an at-home manicure set that allowed her to do her own nails.

In May 2020, she turned her hobby into a bona-fide side hustle, launching The Clawset and selling at-home manicure boxes on her website. She promoted it on Instagram so people could start doing their nails at home. Each box contains acrylic nails, patterns, and polish, all designed by Persaud. She is part of the record 4.4 million Americans who started businesses last year as more people sought to leave toxic work environments, pick up extra income, or simply pursue their passions.

“The pandemic really pushed me to go for my dreams,” Persaud told Insider. “Nail salons were closed. My brand helped people keep their nails slayed when things got hard.”

A woman holds pink boxesThe Clawset boxes.

Danisha “Nisha” Persaud

Growth: The company has raked in revenue in the six figures since its launch, according to documents seen by Insider, and increased sales by 1,000% year over year, with Persaud’s nails being featured in advertisements for the likes of Sunglass Hut and Brandon Blackwood.

Her work has been reposted on social media by Cardi B, received a shoutout by Megan Thee Stallion in a video, and gifted to the model Teyana Taylor for her baby shower. It has been spotted on actors such as Niecy Nash and was worn by Kyla Pratt on the cover of RoyalTee magazine. Persaud has over 16,000 followers on Instagram and receives an average of 100,000 impressions each month on Instagram, according to analytics seen by Insider. 

Now the company has expanded into making merchandise, including custom durags. 

Before The Clawset: Since 2015, Persaud has been an educator at an elementary school, where she works with grades six through eight.

Challenges: She finds herself working long nights as a one-woman team and has to stay focused and find time to bring her ideas to light. “That can be super overwhelming,” she said. “But I know one day, I’ll have an empire.”

A woman does nailsNail designs by Persaud.

Danisha “Nisha” Persaud

Business advice: “You will lose friends, but that’s OK,” she said. “The universe is making room for you to blossom.”

Business mentor: She said the digital marketer Karen Civil was one of the first people to support her business idea. One day, when Persaud was feeling down, she reached out to Civil, who reminded her that everything happens for a reason. “Honor the changes that are happening because the blessings are inside of it,” Persaud said Civil told her. “Small hiccups shall pass.”

Why now is the best time to start a business: She said the pandemic had given people time to reflect and find their passions again. “It gave us time to think and dream,” Persaud added. “So go for your dreams — we don’t have forever to wonder ‘what if.'”

A nail stationThe nail station where Persaud designs her boxes.

Danisha “Nisha” Persaud

On hiring: It’s just Persaud operating the company right now. “I hope to expand soon,” she said. “I could definitely use the help.”

On managing burnout: She likes to light candles and lie down to rest. She takes time to sleep in and watch her favorite TV shows. Often, she watches the sunset and goes for long drives, while blasting her favorite songs. “Sometimes, I shut off my phone for a few hours and just give my mind and soul the time to rest,” Persaud said. “It’s so important to give yourself that. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” 

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