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I took a weed pill for a week as a daily dose of ‘wake and bake.’ It kept me creative and focused at work.


  • Zeno is a new microdose cannabis pill that delivers a 0.4% THC dosage per pill.
  • It’s meant for daily use as a subtle alternative to “wake and bake.” I tried it for a week. 
  • Zeno made me feel focused and creative, but I found that taking a daily THC pill is up to personal preference.

Zeno is a microdose cannabis pill, new to the market, that delivers a 0.4% THC dosage per pill. It’s intended to be taken for daily use and marketed as an alternative to wake and bake — in other words, like a low simmer on a stovetop as opposed to a full-on boil. 

As micro dosing is a booming segment of the cannabis economy, I found Zeno to be intriguing, and wanted to see what it was all about. Here’s how it went.

The first day left me mellow and focused

Zeno comes in a tablet form, in a medicinal-looking package. The instructions in the package provide three dosing recommendations, with each choice increasing in THC content. 

I researched Zeno a bit prior to taking it, finding the following: Each tablet contains 0.4 milligrams of THC, and 40 milligrams of an FDA-approved calming supplement called L-Theanine. Some people take L-Theanine for anxiety, and it can cause low blood pressure if you combine it with hypertension medications. You can also experience anxiety if you take it with pseudoephedrine. 

Zeno pills.


I chose the “Take 1” option that the package recommended starting with. I took it with my morning coffee at 7:30 a.m. 

It took about 20 to 25 minutes for me to feel the onset. The effects were a subtle, THC-induced calmness and a slight blanketed warm feeling, but they weren’t nearly as intense as a typical THC dose (or even a micro dose). 

I immediately understood the recommendation that people who experience anxiety and/or paranoia alongside a typical THC dose try this alternative product. Zeno was very relaxing — almost too relaxing, so I could also understand why they recommend that you take it with your morning coffee.

The mellow feeling lasted consistently throughout the morning. I was relaxed but not sleepy. I felt pleasantly and lightly blanketed, but not brain foggy. I was focused. This dose was perfect for the remote workday in front of me and concentrating on the projects I had to complete. It was great for writing. 

On the second and third days, I tried some combos

I repeated the same dosing at the same time on the second day to see if anything was different. I experienced the same positive effects and noticed that the come down is gentle, with no harshness to it. This time I was a little groggy, so I had more fluids, which helped the grogginess.

A Zeno pill package.A Zeno package.

Helaine Krysik

On the third day, I drank stronger coffee and lots of water to pair with the Zeno, to start the day and to maintain my sense of sharpness. The combination worked very well and lasted until about noon, which was all I needed. 

As the weekend was approaching, I planned to change up the dosage a bit.

Over the weekend, I tried the pill with some social drinking

My fourth and fifth days taking Zeno happened to fall over Saturday and Sunday, so I experimented with adding on a mid- to late-day dosing option. Experiencing a more prolonged, pleasant, subtle lift, this worked well for my weekend schedule.

A Zeno pill package.A Zeno package.

Helaine Krysik

I also wanted to see how Zeno interacted with social drinking, so I experimented with a drink. The Zeno was fine with one glass of wine, but I left it at that. I was more intoxicated than I would have been with either the wine or Zeno on its own, but I was expecting that. I still experienced an overall pleasant, relaxing effect.

On days six and seven, I went back to work

For the final two days, after the weekend, I went back to my weekday routine: the same usage (in the morning) and dosage (the low-level pill) to finish out the week. Once again, I found Zeno optimal for focusing on some deadlines I had, and for creativity and productivity in completing assignments. 

The bottom line: Taking a daily THC pill depends on your preferences

Zeno is very gentle, subtle, and calming. The THC dose is a very light touch, which is perfect for people who may experience anxiety and/or paranoia with stronger doses of THC. It’s great for enhancing creativity and focus while helping maintain relaxation.

I was also perfectly fine with just taking the single dose in the morning, or midday on weekends. It suited my needs well with the subtle uplift. For people who need or want more, Zeno has dosing recommendations for up to three times a day. There’s something for everyone. 

A Zeno pill package.A Zeno package.

Helaine Krysik

I personally wouldn’t take Zeno every single day, but I’m not looking for daily usage in general. My usage would be more targeted for work-from-home days in which I wanted to focus on my work with intensity. I also tend to get increasingly groggy and sluggish with daily THC usage.

I would also love to see more research on L-Theanine as an ongoing everyday calming supplement, even though it’s FDA approved. As always, do your own research, and make sure that this agrees with your system and body chemistry.

But so much of this is individual, depending on your preferences and priorities. Zeno is effective and provides a pleasant, consistent, low-dose THC experience. For anyone looking for a good microdose option — and one they can take daily — this is an excellent one to consider.

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