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Weeks-long delays and broken equipment have some Peloton customers considering competitors like NordicTrack

Peloton customers are complaining about months-long delivery delays.

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  • Peloton customers continue to report issues with delivery delays and last-minute cancellations.
  • The company said it hasn’t seen a “marked increase” in complaints, but its social pages have numerous posts from upset customers.
  • The delays have led some to consider opting for rival fitness machines.

The Peloton Tread that Megan Selby ordered on Black Friday arrived on time — but she said the trouble started when XPO Logistics broke the arm rails while installing it in her home.

“They told me they had to leave the broken Tread and Peloton would send me the new parts,” Selby told Insider. “But Peloton and XPO won’t give me an answer about getting the part.”

Selby said Peloton representatives blamed XPO installers, while XPO installers blamed Peloton for “weak screws,” ultimately leaving her with an unusable treadmill taking up space in her house. Even after Peloton told Selby she would receive a new machine on January 28, she said XPO never showed up when the delivery date came around.

She’s still waiting for it to be delivered.

Peloton customers like Selby say they’re still having issues with delivery delays and last-minute cancellations, even after the company said last year it was addressing these problems. Some told Insider they’ve considered cancelling orders and shopping elsewhere.

Dozens of Peloton customers have taken to Facebook to complain about delivery issues on bike and treadmill orders, which are fulfilled by one of Peloton’s delivery partners, including XPO Logistics. Many said they’ve waited weeks to have the machines delivered, only to find their delivery slot changed at the last minute.

One customer in Madison, Wisconsin, told Insider he ordered the Tread during a Black Friday promotion in late November. After initially setting a delivery date of December 24, emails shared with Insider show the shipment continued to get delayed, and is now slated for February 11.

“I think I’m getting fatter by the day waiting on my Peloton to arrive,” said the customer, who asked not to be identified in order to speak candidly.

When he asked Peloton where his specific Tread was in the supply chain, he was told it has been sitting since early December at an XPO facility just 20 minutes away from his house. He said he was also told that picking it up himself would void the warranty.

Though complaints around deliveries of Peloton fitness equipment predate the pandemic, the issues were exacerbated in 2020 when demand soared and the company scrambled to keep up. As the US came out of lockdown and demand eased, the complaints continued as supply-chain issues caused further delays. 

The story today is not much different. 

Conversations with five other affected customers revealed a similar pattern: they placed an order with Peloton, set a delivery date (in many cases with XPO Logistics), and see multiple delays, all while being bounced back and forth between XPO and Peloton customer service.

Peloton spokeswoman Jessica Kleiman said that the company hasn’t seen a “marked increase” in complaints about deliveries made by XPO Logistics in recent weeks. The brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages, however, have almost daily posts from customers asking for help with shipping updates. 

“Whenever someone has a delivery issue with either Peloton’s team or one of our third-party logistics partners, of which XPO is one, we try to address it as quickly as possible,” Kleiman told Insider. She also said customer satisfaction ratings for its XPO Deliveries are currently between 95 and 100 out of 100.

“Peloton has been a great partner for us,” an XPO spokesperson told Insider. “While we take pride in our high customer satisfaction rate on Peloton deliveries, we immediately work to rectify any concerns whenever there’s an issue.”

Many Peloton owners remain loyal to the fitness brand, with a majority of those that CNN talked to saying they stand by the company amid its recent struggles.

Even so, a growing number of would-be members are left questioning whether the four-figure investment is really worth the trouble.

Karen Ferrara-Tyler told Insider she is anxious her order could be delayed because of the customer “horror stories” she’s read, and that she would cancel and order a NordicTrack running machine if there were any issues —  a sentiment echoed by others on the Peloton Delivery Facebook group.

“I ordered the tread because I’ve heard it’s the best you can get,” she said. “But when I pay for the best, I expect the best – in all areas.”

The Madison customer said the experience has had him considering a cancellation and opting for a NordicTrack instead. He said it’s Peloton’s premium equipment design and workout experience that have him holding out hope a while longer.

“If the situation was reversed, I’d already have canceled the NordicTrack and gone for the Peloton,” he said.

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