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RadioShack’s marketing boss says the company has boosted sales since it started posting memes and tweeting at celebrities

A RadioShack store in Manhattan, before the company went bankrupt

Carlo Allegri/Reuters

  • RadioShack’s Chief Marketing Officer said he’s seeing results from shitposts on the brand’s Twitter.
  • Ábel Czupor told Input Magazone that web sales have jumped since his tweets started going viral.
  • According to Czupor, the company’s Twitter account got 100 million impressions in three days.

RadioShack’s marketing boss says the tech retailer turned cryptocurrency firm has seen a big increase in online sales after it pivoted to a provocative new style of social media posting.

Chief marketing officer Ábel Czupor told Input that sales have boomed since the company’s Twitter account began “shitposting” – internet lingo for posting satirical content to get attention.

RadioShack’s particular type of posting involves being “horny on main” and sending “thirst tweets” to celebrities, including singers Lizzo and Miley Cyrus.

—RadioShack 😈 (@RadioShack) June 28, 2022

“It seems to be working out,” Czupor, who joined the company in April, told Input, without providing specifics of how much sales have grown. Input referred to a “huge” increase in sales at RadioShack’s webstore.

“Sales have actually grown since we started upping out Twitter game over the past several weeks,” the company said in an email to the Washington Post earlier in July.

According to Czupor, RadioShack’s tweets got 100 million impressions in three days at the end of June.

Before joining RadioShack, Czupor worked as Marketing Director at NFT marketplace Rune Games, according to his LinkedIn profile. He didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment, made outside of normal working hours.

After several RadioShack tweets went viral, Czupor, who told Input he is responsible for any posts under the brand’s social media handle, again riffed off of the public attention.

Following one overtly sexual tweet going viral, RadioShack’s social media account joked that the tweet was sent by an intern — referring to another popular meme — saying: “No we didn’t get hacked, and no I’m not fired.”

—RadioShack 😈 (@RadioShack) June 30, 2022

RadioShack, an electronic goods brick-and-mortar company, went bankrupt in 2015 – and again in 2017 – but the name has lived on, and was relaunched in March as a cryptocurrency retailer by investors Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez.

The company still sells some gadgets on the side, maintaining around 400 stores in the US, per the Washington Post.

Companies have increasingly taken nontraditional or provocative approaches to posting on social media in recent years to build their branding.

In 2019, a provocative post on the Twitter account of Netflix: “What’s something you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand Twitter account?” — prompted a slew of brands, from Absolut Vodka to Charmin toilet paper, to reply. 

Another example is language learning app Duolingo, which has courted an extensive audience on TikTok by posting “unhinged content” — a strategy led by Zaria Parvez, a 24-year old global social media manager.

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